Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Lost Honor of John Nelson Darby

John Darby always evokes passionate exchanges between pretribulationists and non-pretribulationists. The latter tend to demonize him. He wasn't perfect, but neither was he the person often portrayed by his detractors. Last week I put together an article drawing from several resources. Hopefully it paints a somewhat more objective picture. You can read it HERE


Daniel said...

Thanks for this article. It is so sad when brothers in Christ attack each other. I have a letter from G H Lang addressing this issue during his time. He lived after Darby and sadly pretribulationalist were doing the same attacks and nonpretribulationalist are doing today.I can email the pdf if you like to read it. This gives a healthy perspective on this. There is a sermon about Darby by Stephen Kaung that points out some positive points in Darby's ministry. It's good to have a balanced assessment on different saints. Lord Bless your day!

Alf Cengia said...

Thanks for your comment, Daniel. Yup, eschatology sure fires up the passions!