Sunday, November 4, 2012

The "new" Balfour Project Website

I've been too busy with other stuff to post of late. But I've just come across this little item while researching an article for this week's Omega Letter. Apparently Rev. Stephen Sizer has stumbled across a website which deals with the shortcomings of the Balfour Declaration.

You can read the whole thing at rosh pina project:

Sizer’s Balfour Project Controversy

The anti-Zionist Balfour Project!

According to rosh pina:

However just who are The Balfour Project?

According to The Balfour Project web site is owned by non other than…


Registrant Organization:Stephen Sizer

Registrant Street1:Christ Church Vicarage

Well it does look like the good vicar is being less than ethical in allowing readers of his blog to draw the conclusion that someone other than him is running this Balfour Project. Why did he not just fess-up and admit it was him?

Sizer recently came into more strife for being less than careful with his sources in To whom it may concern 

It's not the first time and probably won't be the last. Play in the mud and you tend to get dirty.