Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dispensationalism: Defense & Offense

There’s an interesting new post at Mike Vlach’s blog. I certainly agree with the following comments by Mike:

“In what I thought was the most significant part of the night, the panel and some in the crowd expressed hope that further discussions between Progressive dispensationalists and Traditional dispensationalists should continue, but the time has come for dispensationalists to offer a more unified defense of Dispensationalism. More emphasis should be given to dispensational commentaries and works on hermeneutics...”

But I also heartily agree with Dan Phillips’ point in response to the article when he suggested that there was a need for a unified “offense”.


It is high-time that dispensationalists call out the other systems in a unified fashion. That includes their eschatology. Critics of dispensationalism (and pretribulationism) almost always avoid addressing serious criticism aimed at their own systems (see my last post).