Friday, April 17, 2015

Introducing Zeteo3:16

For some time my wife and I have been discussing doing something which contributes to the gospel message. Both of us have independently thought about starting up a website at one time or another. A few weeks ago we decided to go ahead and do it. This came after a lot of prayer and consideration. Our website is still under construction. It was designed and is being maintained by my beautiful and talented wife.

To summarize our purposes: We seek to Serve God; to Inform other Christians and those seeking the truth, and to Support Faithful Ministries.

Who needs another website?

We acknowledge that there are many great Christian sites around and we don't pretend to know more or to do it better. Nor do we pretend to be teachers. God has drawn my wife away from atheism and me out of the New Age. Along the way He has providentially directed our attention to some valuable ministries who are faithfully teaching God's word and doing His work. However, in our experience these ministries aren't always reaching the people who would profit from them. These people include family, friends, acquaintances and others.

Furthermore, there is a lot of bad information out there.

As such, we see ourselves as a bridge for people to access good materials and information which they mightn't be otherwise aware of. The website links to social media such as Facebook, Pinterest and Google+.  For example, the articles have reached thousands of people in Google+. This has already provided an opportunity for my wife to lovingly witness to one atheist.

I personally believe that Christ could return any time for His church. Yet whether the rapture is pretribulational, intra-tribulational or posttribulational, I think this world is quickly heading to destruction. Churches are apostatizing and Christians are being persecuted and slaughtered around the world. Even in the west, the demands of diversity (same-sex marriage etc) will tempt Christians to compromise, or worse.

I may be wrong, but events in the Middle East and Israel also suggest to me that the End of this Age is around the corner. But even if the Lord should delay His coming; each one of us - saved or not - may be gone in an instant, to our destiny of choice. This possibility gives us a sense of urgency.

We realize we're not perfect and bound to make mistakes - likely already have. But through prayer and God's loving correction we hope we can faithfully serve Him. Prayers are always appreciated.