Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dispensationalism, Salvation & Supersessionism

Note: this article gets the odd visit from preterists. The folks at the Preterist Archive (PA) were sweet enough to link to it under "Pro-Dispensationalism" rather than "Dispensationalist Dementia." Quite frankly there are far better websites defending dispensationalism and I've linked to them throughout this blog. Still, I appreciate the plug.

The PA is an interesting site with all the usual conspirators (MacPherson etc). Anyhow, I have been meaning to write up a little something to address preterism as a layman and point to some polemics against the system. I may do more in the future, but for now I'll plug this article:

Preterism and Prophetic Scripture


One of the most consistent and erroneous complaints about disp is that it teaches an alternative way of salvation for Israel. Is that really the case?
Does Dispensationalism Teach Two Ways of Salvation? Read the article HERE

Some have difficulty understanding the Israel-church distinction and typically draw upon various proof-text verses to support their contentions against disp. However, it doesn’t make sense that Paul should speak of Israel’s salvation in Romans etc if there were no distinction between it and the church. Note this article which discusses some of these verses HERE
For a thorough treatment of the typical verses cited against disp, see Dr Fruchtenbaum's Israelology.

While the church may currently have Jewish members; it isn’t national Israel and it doesn’t share the land promises. The Gentile church is grafted into the root of Blessing along with Israel. I am a member of the church but I will always be a Gentile. I am not a member of Israel. It’s really that simple.

The problem seems to stem from the fact that this tradition has been retained by the church from Origen and Martyr who were outright proponents of replacement theology.

How is the Term Israel Used in the New Testament?

A Comparison and Contrast Between Israel and the Church

Jews, Gentiles, Christians


What Does Christ as “True Israel” Mean for the Nation Israel?

These fine articles by Lynda O are appropriate to this post:

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