Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Parousia, Apokalypse, and Epiphany - One Event?

In regards to language and the argument against plural comings of the Lord, if I make multiple trips to another country, there will be descriptions of that event which will be similar for each visit. Within each coming, I may do different things and not all people may see me. It is the differences within each visit which are important and may highlight that I’ve made multiple trips. There are similarities and differences in Thess and Matt 24. This may be due to some omissions in describing a single occurrence (as in harmonizing the Gospels) or there really may be more than one event. As far as I’m concerned, only posttribulationists can legitimately claim to believe in a single Second-Advent.

Aricle by Dr Ron Bigalke.


As a futurist posttribulationist, Ladd wrote, “The parousia, the apokalypse, and the epiphany appear to be a single event. Any division of Christ’s coming into two parts is an unproven inference.” Ladd believed the words “parousia, the apokalypse, and the epiphany” refer to the same, single event, and therefore are not to be differentiated. Ladd is incorrect, however, in his assertion. The first word, parousia, is translated “coming” in 1 Thessalonians 4:15, and in that passage refers rather specifically to the rapture of the church. The same Greek word, parousia, is used in Matthew 24:27 and is accurately translated “coming” with regard to the Lord’s return to earth. Since the same Greek word is used in Matthew 24:27 and 1 Thessalonians 4:15, posttribulationists believe the texts refer to the same, single event. Pretribulationists disagree, and understand parousia to describe two separate events: the rapture and the second coming...First Thessalonians 4 and the Rapture PART 1

How often have you come across the name Manuel Lacunza? I bet more often than not it was in some spam comment on a blog...such as occurs here from time to time. Often the name Lacunza and MacPherson are linked. Well, here's an interesting post by Fred Butler on his blog Biblical Premillennialism:

The Manuel Lacunza Conspiracy