Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Spurgeon & Imminence

It's nice that Alan Kurschner occasionally reads this blog - not too many do. However, I want to make a few things clear. I don't consider myself to be a typical pretrib blogger. For example, I don't believe the rapture was always imminent, and I don't think any rapture position is iron clad, including pretribulationism.

But regarding Charles Spurgeon's position and my article(s) - please do note the title, Spurgeon – The Need for Living with an Imminent Mindset. Spurgeon was no pretribber.

It's obvious Spurgeon was a posttribulationist and an historicist. And for the record, while I think Renald Showers made some good points about imminence, I don't subscribe to all of them.

The reason for citing Spurgeon was that he (and many others) saw the value in living as if Christ could come at any moment. That was the point. I attend a church which is neither premil or pretrib, yet it stresses the value of living with an imminent mindset.

The exercise was a response to Kurschner's proposition that because of human nature imminency does not generate urgency. Well, according to Spurgeon (and many others) it should.

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