Saturday, July 27, 2019

Rapture in Revelation 3:10?

Rev 3:10 is one of those hot-button issues which will never go away. Years ago I read a cautious discussion on it by a prewrath proponent. See also Dave Bussard's article HERE for a somewhat different take.

Pretribbers are typically more convinced that this verse speaks of a removal from the Hour of Trial. I happen to be one of them. See Jeffrey Townsend's article on Rev 3:10.

More recently leading proponents of the prewrath position have embraced Rev 3:10 as a rapture passage. Many PW proponents still reject it. In 2012 Dr. Charles Cooper wrote a small booklet called "Revelation 3:10 A Bombshell." He later expanded on it and followed up with a video titled "The Pretrib rapture is Dead."

He (and others) arrive at this conclusion by imposing a number of PW assumptions onto the verse. They reason that Rev 3:10 is a rapture passage, but that prewrath is also true - therefore, pretrib has been refuted. I discuss some of this "Bombshell" reasoning HERE.

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