Friday, March 5, 2021

How to be a Modern Progressive - Keith Mathison

I thought this article by Mathison nailed it well,

Step One: Insist that there is no such thing as the truth. Insist that there is only your truth and my truth and that both truths are equally valid. Insist that people who believe in absolute truth do so only in order to oppress others. Insist that my previous insistence is absolutely true. Ignore the irony. Attempt to get my government to make my truth the law and to force it on those who have a different truth because my truth is the truth. Ignore the contradiction with my first premise. Remind myself that logic is a tool of oppression...keep reading

Incidentally, Mathison is that posmillennialist who wrote the book. I certainly agree with his last paragraph in this article. Anecdotally speaking, I suspect postmil is gaining popularity - see HERE. If you like Tolkien (literature, music and assorted subjects), you might enjoy reading his blog. I especially liked his thoughts on Tom Bombadil.

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