Thursday, February 18, 2021

John MacArthur's Lavish Lifestyle etc

No, this isn't a hit piece. 

There are people who I respect who have also disappointed me when it comes to unfairly trashing John MacArthur. This often comes from the dispensationalist camp: i.e., the Lordship Salvation issue. I probably should leave this alone but want to revisit it later. Let me affirm here, again, that no man should be placed on a pedestal. Recent events highlighting fallen Christian leaders ought to attest to that. All the men I've profited from, and mention on my blog, are fallible. We all are. We'll all have to give an account one day.  

The video below is a response to people like Julie Roys and Servus Christi who clearly (at least from my observations) have had standing vendettas against MacArthur. I've mentioned Servus Christi (Josh Chavez) before. His ministry is of the self-exulting attack kind. As for Roys, it's fair to say that she has exposed improprieties and cover-ups over the years. However she seems to be becoming a person who digs for scandals. And John MacArthur is in her sights. Shame on anyone who thoughtlessly distributes her J Mac polemics. 

PS: A UK blogger (Treena Gisborn) has a link to Roys being interviewed HERE. Someone I know linked to it on Social media. I've become familiar with Gisborn over the years. Note the title of her blog. Like Roys she's set herself up as a guardian of truth, especially eschatology. Gisborn's blog is another example of a crash and burn "discernment ministry." 

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