Saturday, May 9, 2020

Robert D. Culver's Systematic Theology

No, I'm not reviewing Culver's Systematic - thankfully, you say! Rightfully so too.

Recently Dan Phillips mentioned Culver's little commentary on Daniel in a tweet. That little exchange spurred me to get out his Systematic and the Daniel commentary, and take a quick look at them again.

From a prophetic angle, I appreciate a lot of what he writes - his position on Israel in Daniel and the Olivet Discourse, the rapture, the millennium, and some interesting comments on the Restrainer. Culver is also irenic and respectful of positions he disagrees with.

I find that I'm spreading myself a little thin over too many areas lately. There are so many non-prophetic books I want (and need) to catch up on. That said, Culver has sparked my enthusiasm for some possible future articles.

You can read Dr. Paul Henebury's in-depth review of Culver's Systematic Theology HERE

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