Thursday, September 5, 2019

Identity & Attributes of God

In the video I linked to in my previous post Paul Washer advises that to grow in love for God one ought to learn more about His identity and attributes. Well, this is a good excuse to plug Terry L. Johnson's new book "The Identity and Attributes of God."

If it had a sub-title it should be something like: "And How the Christian Ought to Live as a Consequence." In fact I wrote this under the title of my own copy. The reason being that the book is pastoral, practical and devotional, as well as theological.

Johnson dedicated it to Stephen Charnock, George Swinnock and William Gurnall. This is a great hint as to the quality of the book. Aside from Scripture, he draws from these three as well as other Puritans. I'm a lousy reviewer - plus reviewing this type of book is way over my pay grade. That said, I agree with Matt Covers' review of it HERE

If you're interested you can obtain a copy from Banner of Truth, or Reformation Heritage Books. Note that RHB always tries to provide books at discounted prices.

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