Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Scofield - Multiple Ways of Salvation?

Did Scofield really teach multiple ways of salvation? Micah Martin addresses this in a link I provide below. You'll notice that someone took umbrage over the article in the comments section. It spilled over to Twitter with the person blocking Micah, yet still tweeting responses. The person then trolled a friend's blog. He obviously had an ax to grind. I see this sort of thing all the time.

You can read Micah's article HERE

In fact that same person left a comment on another of Micah's articles Is the Church an expansion of Israel? It isn't as if his talking points haven't been responded to. In my experience, these people never, ever listen. They are fixed in their beliefs and traditions and seem to live to debate. I had 18 months of frustrating experience on Amazon forums. Here's the thing - the Replacement Theologian (of all stripes) must consistently rejig numerous texts in order to get them to say what they are plainly not saying.

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