Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Palestinian Activists Manipulating Western Christians

An informative article by Daniel Swindell:
Since the recreation of the modern state of Israel in 1948, there has been a Christian doctrinal anti-semitic revolution. After Rome adopted Christianity as the state religion, the early forms of Christian anti-semitism were created and fixed, and remain embedded in Catholic policy. The most common forms of Christian anti-semitism were built on the accusation of deicide, the depiction of Jews as Satanic, and replacement theology. There was very little variation in these forms until after the recreation of Israel in 1948: the rebirth of Israel presented a serious theological challenge to replacement theology. For those who wished to deny the Jewish people the right to freedom from Christian and Islamic overlords, new theological reasons had to be formulated to argue that the Jewish people should be denied a nation...keep reading
These Christian Palestinian activists are fully aware that many western Christians support Israel, based on the biblical promises made to the Jewish people. If they are going to cut off this support, they must find a way to get around the Bible verses which promise the land to the Jewish people for eternity: the Bible itself is the greatest barrier standing in their way. Thus, the Scriptures themselves have to be circumvented. How to do this? By waging an attack against the major foundational pillars of the Bible...First attack: The Jewish Bible is not a reliable source of history.

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