Thursday, November 17, 2016

25th Aunnual Pre-Trib Conference

I've never attended a pretrib or prophecy conference. These conferences sometimes come under attack by non-pretribbers for fringe elements - and rightly so in many cases! Having said that the Pre-Trib Research Center Conferences have generally been pretty good in latter years.

Take a look at this year's line up of topics and speakers. This is one I'd love to attend:

They will have Abner Chou from TMS speaking about hermeneutics. Chou is a very smart young man. Do a search on my blog for more about him.

Michael Rydelnik will talk on the Messianic Hope and Messianic verses in the OT.

David Farnell will talk about Evangelical challenges to Orthodox Inerrancy and the challenges within.

Soeren Kern will talk about Islam and the European Union.

Thomas Ice and Paul Wilkinson will analyse the historical issues in the "Left Behind or Led Astray" hit-piece documentary.

And more...

Brochure available HERE

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Anonymous said...

Good line up