Friday, October 28, 2016

Preterism and Prophecy

Every once in a while I get visits from The Preterist Archive. It seems they were nice enough to link one of my blog articles on their website. The page in which it appears has the interesting title, "Dispensational Dementia - Politics of Theology and Theology of Politics."

I guess that's a pretty good indication of where they stand. I don't know about the "politics and theology" business - it seems to me that most camps do a lot of that. Perhaps I'm being unfair but when I hear politics and theology in one sentence, I think of DeMar's The American Vision. Other examples could be Zionism versus Christian Palestinian activism.

Here's an example from DeMar's website: MacArthur wrong on politics, wrong on America, wrong on the Kingdom of God:
All Christians admit that God’s principles can be used to reform the individual. They also understand that if this is the case, then the family can be reformed according to God’s Word. Next, the church is capable of restoration. But then they stop. Mention the State, and they say, “No; nothing can be done to restore the State. The State is inherently, permanently satanic. It is a waste of time to work to heal the State.” The Christian Reconstructionist asks: Why not?
They never tell you why not. They never point to a passage in the Bible that tells you why the church and family can be healed by God’s Word and Spirit, but the State can’t be. Today, it is the unique message of Christian Reconstruction that civil government, like family government and church government, is under the Bible-revealed law of God and therefore is capable in principle of being reformed according to God’s law.  
Anyway, I've wanted to address preterism for some time. So I wrote a brief article of my thoughts as an excuse to provide a list of good sources which address the system at length. You can read it HERE


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