Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Sin of Certainty - A book review

Some time in the near future I want to do a write-up on the trend for young Christians to dump Genesis (and ultimately the Bible) because of the influence of a cabal of popular writers. For now, I thought this was worth sharing:
Peter Enns’ latest book reads like the average village atheist attempting to discredit the Bible, all the while assuring you that he’s a Christian trying to illuminate you on how to build your faith. It’s basically a re-hash of similar concepts we’ve seen before in his previous writings and reiterates that while the Bible doesn’t contain the truth, you can still believe and trust in God (whoever that might be)...keep reading
Scripture Contains God’s Word?...The statement that Scripture Contains God’s Word sounds very reasonable at first blush. How could it not? After all Scripture does, indeed, contain God’s Word. But the problem isn’t that the statement is inherently false. The problem is associated with what the statement isn’t saying, and the inevitable consequences arising from its ambiguity...keep reading

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