Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Master's Seminary on Seventh-day Adventism

The Master's Seminary recently produced a pretty fair article evaluating Seventh-day Adventist teachings. You can read it HERE.

I also wrote an article on Adventism for Zeteo3:16.

The TMA article was met with some heated flak. I'm not at all surprised. I've written several pieces responding to Adventist Steve Wohlberg's polemics against dispensationalism and I've received similar criticism. These folk simply didn't appreciate my responses to Wohlberg's attacks. This phenomenon isn't exclusive to Adventists either. I'm still seeing the Left Behind or Led Astray? people getting tetchy at the pretribulational responses to their polemical video. Why so sensitive, guys?

As an aside, the SDA articles on my blog get the biggest hits by far. This suggests just how active Adventists are insofar as eschatology.

TMA have released a follow-up 10 point post clarifying some matters. Read it HERE.

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