Friday, February 27, 2015

Upcoming Conference on Inerrancy

Introductory article from The Cripplegate:

It’s hard to believe that Shepherds’ Conference is next week. For those of us who have the privilege of being around Grace Community Church all year round, it’s difficult to capture the sense of anticipation that’s been brewing over the last 15 months or so. It really is like Christmastime over here, and it’s such a privilege to witness that enthusiasm—from the leadership to the nearly 1200 volunteers (!) that will be serving the men who attend this historic event...keep reading

P.S. Thought I'd slot this in here. Jason Lisle responds to Norman Geisler's position which asserts that inerrancy does not require a Young Earth Creation view. Note also the comments section where Dr. Lisle announces an upcoming book. The book will also address Gospel Coalition Justin Taylor's assertion that the days in Genesis are not 24 hour days.

Read it HERE

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