Saturday, November 6, 2010


A great article by Richard Mayhue:

This article raises four key questions: (1) What does “rapture” mean?; (2) Will there be an eschatological “rapture”?; (3) Will the “rapture” be partial or full?; and (4) Will the “rapture” be pre, mid, or post in a time relationship to Daniel’s seventieth week? In answering the fourth question concerning the time of the rapture, seven major lines of reasoning produce the conclusion that a pretribulational rapture best fits the biblical evidence and raises the fewest difficulties. By way of conclusion, the article answers thirteen of the toughest objections to pretribulationism...continue reading


GT said...

Mac; a good post. I have recently run into a lot of people on various sites (more than I had seen before) that believe pre-trib is satanic deception. Most are SDA or believe along those lines. They have the facts wrong about the history of the theory or like SDA, they tie it to the RCC. It just amazes me that if someone states half truth or outright lies long enough these people will believe it as fact without even checking or sourcing what they believe!

Rather than looking at the different theories as correct interpretation or not, it seems like these critics attack a theory by trying to associate it with their favorite conspiracy theory. It is truly amazing what some will believe even when proven wrong! I would just like for once to see honest discussion on these hot topics without all the other junk!


Alf Cengia said...

"It is truly amazing what some will believe even when proven wrong!"

Hi ya, GT. Interesting that you should make that point because that subject has come up several times for me since Sunday.

I think people embrace a belief and don't let it go even when confronted with data disproving their points. I've debated an Adventist and I find it fascinating how far they'll go to stretch Scripture over certain issues.

And I'm really, really tired of hearing that croc that pretribbers are fearful believers in a satanic deception.

The Lord is coming. May we all be ready for Him.