Sunday, July 2, 2017

the last days of dispensationalism

A few years ago I began to research anti-Zionism. I wanted to know what the anti-Christian Zionism folk were saying and why they believed what they believed. Why were they against the future fulfillment of national promises to Israel when so many Bible passages appeared to confirm them?

So I read a bunch of books and articles to try to understand their reasons. Fortunately none of these were overly academic; hence over my head. But they did tax my patience. It seemed to me that these folk passed the same notes around. They all worked to the same formulas as if they had attended the same class under the same teacher.

Anyway, one of the most aggravating books I came across was "the last days of dispensationalism - a scholarly critique of popular misconceptions" by New Zealand scholar Alistair W. Donaldson. I'm pretty darn sure he shared the same class notes as Stephen Sizer, who wrote the book's Foreword. I talk about it HERE

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