Friday, October 20, 2017

Which Rapture View is Satanic?

Is the prewrath view satanic? What about pretribulationism? Is any rapture view satanic? Sadly, the rapture timing kerfuffles will continue until Christ's return. One of Jan Markell's recent videos sparked another minor storm, and some hand-wringing. Nothing new really. I gave my two cents worth did a little ax grinding again HERE

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Philip Mauro and Dispensationalism

Every now and again I see Philip Mauro's name pop up in criticism of dispensationalism, Darby, Scofield etc. I also see him invoked by premillennial non-pretribulationists, simply because of his anti-dispensational stance. But consider that Mauro is one of the heroes of The Preterist Archive. So, why would futurist (premil) non-pretribbers haphazardly cite a preterist just because he wrote against Scofield and "the secret rapture?" That's a rhetorical question, by the way.

Philip Mauro’s “The Gospel of the Kingdom”

Pollock on 'The Patmos Visions"

A Brief Examination of Mr. Philip Mauro's Later Views on Dispensational Truth

Preterism and Prophetic Scripture

The Gospel According to God

John MacArthur recently dropped in to deliver a sermon at Parkside Church. He preached on Isaiah 53, which he views as the gospel according to God. It will be the subject of  a new book. I write about it HERE

Thursday, October 12, 2017

On Killing Kryptonite

John Bevere's upcoming book Killing Kryptonite has been receiving a lot of positive publicity. The following article needs to be read by those considering buying it:
John Bevere’s latest book Killing Kryptonite is due to be released on the 17th of October.  Messenger International sent out three free chapters which is enough for any discerning reader to realise that like his previous books, this one contains serious error.  As usual, Bevere touts his latest offering as essential reading for all believers. His marketing strategy will no doubt pay off, his claims of receiving direct revelation from God for the whole body of Christ will fool millions of biblically illiterate believers.
Bevere’s false doctrine includes a mix of: Word of Faith, prosperity gospel, dominion theology, latter rain, the aberrant teachings of the New Apostolic Reformation, heavy shepherding, covering heresy and works based Christianity.  While this review covers only the first three chapters, it is clear that Bevere has not repented of his false doctrines, and continues to deceive his followers...keep reading
Hat tip Justin Peters

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Man's Own Bible

Man is now thinking out a Bible for himself; framing a religion in harmony with the development of liberal thought; constructing a worship on the principles of taste and culture; shaping a god to suit the expanding aspirations of the age. … The extent of the mischief no one can calculate. A soul without faith, a church without faith, a nation without faith, a world without faith – what is to be their future? What is their present? When faith goes, all good things go. When unbelief comes in, all evil things follow. ~ Horatius Bonar.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Jack Hibbs interviews Dr. David Hocking & Dr. Ed Hindson

Very good interview. At what point is the world and the church at today? What did Schaeffer have to say about it?