Friday, December 8, 2017

A Better Jerusalem?

A better Jerusalem...meaning something other than the one Christian Zionists "mistakenly" affirm.

So, so frustrating....

On October 27, 1994, President Bill Clinton, while addressing the Knesset (i.e. the legislative assembly in Israel) cited one of his former pastors when he said, "If you abandon Israel, God will never forgive is God's will that Israel, the biblical home of the people of Israel, continue forever and ever." This widely held sentiment has had a substantial impact on American politics and foreign policy over the past 70 years. Two days ago, President Trump made the controversial decision to declare Jerusalem to be the capitol of the state of Israel. This has reopened numerous questions about the place of the state of Israel, and the city of Jerusalem, in the consummate purposes and plan of God...keep reading

Now go watch Perry Trotter's set of quick videos affirming biblical Zionism.

Dr Michael Rydelnik weighs in HERE

Robert Saucy responds to Poythress' Understanding Dispensationalists

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Pulpit & Pen's "Tribulation"

Some time ago I wrote about Pulpit & Pen's hatchet job on Nabeel Qareshi.

Since then they've featured an article called "The Trouble with Tribulation." Written by guest writer P. E. Harris, it's a hit piece against pretribulationism. This is a fellow who disagrees with a system and throws some mud at it. It's a pity that these types of condescending articles appear on a professing discernment ministry website. I comment on it HERE

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Lost Honor of John Nelson Darby

John Darby always evokes passionate exchanges between pretribulationists and non-pretribulationists. The latter tend to demonize him. He wasn't perfect, but neither was he the person often portrayed by his detractors. Last week I put together an article drawing from several resources. Hopefully it paints a somewhat more objective picture. You can read it HERE

Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Deep Things of God

I've been slowly reading through Fred Sanders' book The Deep Things of God - How the Trinity Changes Everything. I like his humor and the book is a nice preparation for deeper studies in the doctrine of the Trinity. After this, and The Essential Trinity, I hope to spend more time with Owens' Communion With the Triune God.

Two presentations by Sanders can be watched HERE


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Psalm 43 (from The Cripplegate)

Always nice to be reminded of these things....

Why should a person give thanks for trials? Because through trials, God leads us to a greater joy in him. It is a simple truth from Psalm 43: trials are the trail to joy because they pass through the light of God’s word...keep reading

Friday, November 17, 2017

New TMS Journal and Banner of Truth Christmas Specials

The 2017 Autumn-Fall issue of The Master's Seminary Journal is now available HERE

A large part of the focus is on LGBT issues. Dr Michael Vlach also reviews William Watson's book "Dispensationalism Before Darby." Dr Vlach writes, "As this work shows, Darby was not a theological mad scientist concocting strange new doctrines in a dark office somewhere." See also my review.

Banner of Truth have reduced the price on a selection of books for their 2017 Christmas Special. I've taken advantage of the offer and bought Iain Murray's Two Volume biography of Martyn Lloyd-Jones, as well as two paperbacks. In some cases, as with the Book Sets, the reductions are significant. The catalog can be viewed HERE.

Note that Chrome based browsers tend to render the pages a bit slower. There are no issues using Firefox. Thought I'd include this video on MLJ

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Why Believe in God Despite Evil in the World?

Very interesting. A talk by Scott Oliphint. From The Domain For Truth.