Friday, July 28, 2017

Every Promise Fulfilled in Christ?

Great pithy response by Eschatos Ministries to Thomas Schreiner. Read it HERE

PS: I'm seeing amil responses to Matt Waymeyer's Amillennialism and the Age to Come pop up here and there. I'd like to say more as I find time. These responses are frustrating when they appeal to assorted gotcha verses taken out of context.

One fellow wrote that he'd grown up being taught that pretrib and premil were gospel truth. But after examining every text on the Second Advent he concluded that amillennialism was what Scripture taught. Funny, I was raised in an amil environment and came to a premil conclusion after study. This included reading both premil and amil works.

It seems patently obvious that the amillennialist must consistently work hard to convince that prophetic texts are saying something entirely different to what one plainly reads. I can confidently say that I'd be more likely to come to a premil conclusion had I not read anything other than the Bible. Moreover, I'd rather defend what seems plainly presented - without the decoder ring.

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