Friday, July 28, 2017

90 Minutes of Evidence for the Global Flood

Very technical (for me). Also very interesting presentation by Dr. Kurt Wise:
One of the challenges of understanding flood geology is grasping what the Flood did to the surface of the earth. In the film, many of the scientists talk about the enormous sediment layers covering the globe, but we only had a few minutes to introduce this very important topic.
During the 2017 IGH Conference, Dr. Kurt Wise explored the impact of the Flood on the earth in a series of three in-depth lectures. This lecture on the “study of sediment,” the first in the series, is an excellent overview of the unique features of the sedimentary shell covering the earth.  It provides an enormous amount of evidence for the reality of the global flood.
This is an excellent semi-technical talk for understanding the results of the Flood.
Watch it HERE

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