Thursday, July 23, 2015

We Will Not Bow

John MacArthur pulls no punches on the SCOTUS decision.

Recommended listening.
At the seminary, we put an article up on the seminary website about homosexuality. Within a matter of hours, we received a letter ordering us to cease and desist immediately or face a very severe lawsuit. Could we be sued for taking this position? Absolutely. Insurance companies that provide liability insurances for churches so that we’re protected against lawsuits are beginning to say, “We will not accept responsibility for lawsuits on homosexual or same-sex marriage issues.” The church is out there all on its own. ~ John MacArthur
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Just thought I'd add an update. MacArthur mentions "Rev." Barry Lynn in his talk. Here's what he says:
Barry Lynn, who heads up an organization—a hostile, satanic organization against the gospel and against the Word of God—is making all the moves he can to make sure churches lose their tax-exempt status. And the way they’ll do that is they’ll begin to sue and drag the churches into court on that issue. The government provides student loans for students at Christian colleges. But if that school or that college doesn’t affirm same-sex marriage, and have open enrollment to homosexuals, they can cut off all that funding—Cal grants, Pell grants—which enable students to go to college. This is going to come. We enjoy, as a church, a beautiful campus, large piece of property. We don’t pay property tax, because we’re granted freedom from that tax. How long will that remain if we don’t comply?
Fred Butler did a piece on Lynn back in 2007. Worth a read HERE

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