Friday, July 17, 2015

Does the NT re-interpret the OT?

Does the NT really re-interpret the OT?

This topic came up in a conversation today with an amillennialist. The progression of the argument is fairly standard. An amil guy will wander into a forum and defend someone like Sizer. He'll inform the others that Israel is all done for a numbers of reasons (political and doctrinal) which is all really motivated by the belief that the church is the "New Israel." When the OT heavy artillery texts are introduced, the amil will reach into the bag of tricks for the "NT re-interprets of the OT" defense.

Here are some great links which challenge that notion. Fred Butler has conveniently put Paul Henebury's work into a PDF file HERE.

You can access Dr. Henebury's work directly on his site Part One & Part Two

Dr. Michael Vlach's work on the topic may also be accessed HERE.

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