Thursday, July 16, 2015

Fallacies Against Presuppositional Apologetics

Thought this article from Hip and Thigh was pretty good. Basically because it was written in such a way that even I could understand it - even though it was supposed to be "geeky."

The Fallacies with “The Circular Argument” Against Presuppositionalism:
This will be a geeky post, sorry...Occasionally, I like to write on topics pertaining to apologetic methodology. My primary purpose is to sharpen my personal thinking in the matters of how my exegesis and theology shape my overall approach in apologetics and evangelism. My objective has always been two-fold: I want to make sure I am defending the faith accurately as well as engaging unbelief effectively...keep reading


stanislav setsurinvich said...

And you are also a presupptionalist too? NICE

Alf Cengia said...


In future, please make a clear point without the sarcasm. Do you have a point?

stanislav setsurinvich said...

I will answer your points on the first blog post I posted on