Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Gnostic World of John Walton

Walton has become accessible to a broader range of "prophecy enthusiasts" via the writings of Michael Heiser. In fact Heiser has been complementary to theistic evolutionist Peter Enns. But that's best left for a possible future blog. For the moment, the following article discussing John Walton is very interesting and important:
The history of the church includes well-meaning scholars who introduce ideas that undermine Biblical authority. This is the case with the gifted Old Testament professor Dr. John Walton.
Dr. Walton teaches at Wheaton College. Last November, in preparation for a campus showing of our film Is Genesis History?, he provided a paper for professors to pass out to students. Entitled “Is Genesis Real History?,” it outlined his unique perspective on how to interpret the book of Genesis. (You can read it here.)
A number of students were troubled by what they read. Dr. Walton seemed to be questioning whether the Bible could be used to know what actually happened in the past. His ideas were complex, however, and some students were not sure what to make of them.
One student asked if I would respond. Although there are a number of observations I can make, his paper should first be placed in context of his prior work and affiliations...keep reading

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