Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Futurist Pre-Wrath Post-Tribulationist?

What is a Futurist Pre-Wrath Post-Tribulationist? The question stems from a brief discussion I followed on a prewrath forum. Some of the folks there seemed confused about this alleged self-description by Joel Richardson.

One lady suggested that Richardson was referring to prewrath/posttrib without committing to either camp. This lady has a YouTube ministry followed by the prewrath/posttrib folk. I once asked her a question which - I think - exposed her posttrib position. Either that or she's confused. Yet she wouldn't commit to a position when asked directly. Her response was that they were similar and that her goal was to confront pretribulationism.

I get that. The similarity lies in the fact that both views see the church going through the great tribulation, contra pretribulationism (and midtrib). However, the views are quite different.

Back to Joel Richardson: I may stand to be corrected but I believe he's now a proponent of the prewrath view. If that's the case his self-description is appropriate.

Richardson is a Futurist because he takes a futurist view of prophecy (Revelation etc). He's Pre-Wrath given the name is a distinction of the Van Kampen-Rosenthal view (rapture before wrath of God), and he's posttrib because he sees the rapture occurring after the church has gone through the great tribulation (wrath of God after tribulation & rapture).

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