Friday, August 29, 2014

Getting the Gaza conflict Wrong

The following article by Matti Friedman is a lengthy read but worth the effort.


The lasting importance of this summer’s war, I believe, doesn’t lie in the war itself. It lies instead in the way the war has been described and responded to abroad, and the way this has laid bare the resurgence of an old, twisted pattern of thought and its migration from the margins to the mainstream of Western discourse—namely, a hostile obsession with Jews. The key to understanding this resurgence is not to be found among jihadi webmasters, basement conspiracy theorists, or radical activists. It is instead to be found first among the educated and respectable people who populate the international news industry; decent people, many of them, and some of them my former colleagues...keep reading (note that it is in 3 parts)

Listen to Sheree Trotter's Speech at the Israel Support Rally HERE

The Charter of Allah: The Platform of The Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS)

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