Friday, August 8, 2014

A New Exodus?

When I first got into the study of prophecy (not too long ago), I found some of Peter Goodgame's points interesting. He was one who tended to stretch the boundaries (thinking outside the box) so I (wisely) treated him with caution.

Sad to say that it now seems he's imploded. His new stance on Israel is hardly innovative. And, despite his denial, it is replacement theology - albeit using the "fulfillment" narrative.

The Israel of God and the end of RMR 


RMRising said...

I wish you would take the time to at least understand where I am coming from in my analysis of the transition that took place between the Old Covenant and the New Covenant. Jeremiah 31:31 is very clear that the New Covenant was to be made with Israel. How then does the Church appear as something that is separate from Israel in the New Testament? It simply does not. The early Church is simply the continuation of Israel, fulfilling the prophecies that speak of a New Exodus that are found throughout Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and more. We must not be so smug in our own personal understandings of the end times! There are so many views out there that humility is the key so that we do not deceive ourselves. I welcome any dialogue you would like to engage in. Email me at -- God bless, Peter Goodgame

amc said...

Thanks for popping in, Peter. Know that a lot of people are concerned about the direction you've headed. As stated in my brief intro, I always found your material stimulating even where I didn't agree. But this is a radical change for you.

Note also that the position you've arrived at (the early Church is simply the continuation of Israel) isn't a groundbreaking one. You'll find links on my blog to people who have addressed this position. There's a wealth of new material by dispensationalists discussing the church's relationship to the New Covenant.

When I get time I may respond to some of your points on this blog or organize links to people who have.

If you haven't read them, I'd commend Mike Vlach's "Has the Church Replaced Israel," Feinberg's "Continuity & Discontinuity," and even though I disagree with PD, Robert Saucy's "The Case for Progressive Dispensationalism" is a worthwhile read. I especially recommend visiting Dr. Reluctant's website (top right hand corner on my blog) and do a search on New Covenant.

In Him,