Monday, March 30, 2020

Replacement Theology misnomer?

A well-known Reformed apologist - whose work I respect in a few areas - recently declared on social media:
Replacement Theology is, of course, a complete misnomer. Fulfillment Theology, Consistency Theology, lots of ways to express what Paul taught: Christians are the "true circumcision who worship in the Spirit of God and glory in Christ Jesus and put no confidence in the flesh."
In fact, despite the protests, many Reformed (Covenant Theology) amil-postmil people over the years have owned the term "Replacement Theology." More recently, some don't like the RT tag and prefer to use "Fulfillment Theology." Does it really help them?

Dr. Paul Henebury has addressed a lot of the RT issues HERE

Dr. Michael Vlach on Various Forms of Replacement Theology See also An Analysis of Neo-Replacement Theology


Paul said...

I think you put the wrong link in brother.

Alf Cengia said...

Hi Paul.

The link is copied from the "Replacement Theology (12)" under "Things I write about."

The first few posts discuss Cosmic Temple etc. The RT articles appear a little lower. I was too lazy to go through and link the specific "REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY: IS IT WRONG TO USE THE TERM?" articles I was thinking about. Perhaps I should.

Alf Cengia said...

Should be fixed now.

Paul said...

Thanks Alf. God bless you and yours!