Saturday, July 21, 2018

Rachel Held Evans Inspired - Reviews

Blogger, author and progressive Christian has come out with a new book titled "Inspired - Slaying Giants, Walking on Water, And Loving the Bible Again." The book isn't about loving the Bible as the inerrant Word of God - RHE has something else in mind. Her position is that readers can still derive benefit from the Bible despite its many flaws and "fishy stories."

To get an idea of where Evans is coming from see this article. See also this tweet.

I'm reading "Inspired" at the moment and intend to review it. For various reasons this likely won't happen for some time yet. I tend to dwell on a book - especially one where I find strong disagreement - before I review it.

In the interim, Jim from The Domain of Truth is reading RHE's book and has kick started the review process with an astute first installment. Read it HERE. Jim has also written on Peter Enns who RHE refers to as her mentor.

Allen Nelson IV has also begun to review "Inspired" HERE.

Both men are critical thinkers who avoid attacking the person. I appreciate their efforts. People like Evans need prayer as much as their views need to be addressed. I was once there but for God's grace.

Finally, keep track of Paul Henebury's series The Primacy of Revelation. The following is germane and responds to RHEs position on the Bible:
The doctrine of revelation does not promote autonomy but dependence on God; dependence on God not just for our everyday needs, but also for our everyday thinking.  This outlook is inextricably bound to the Bible and our faith in it. ~ The Primacy of Revelation (1)

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