Thursday, May 24, 2018

Sam Smith on his "imminent pre-wrath" view

Years ago I came across Sam Smith's prophecy website. He's now updated it.

Like Smith, I don't hold that the rapture was always imminent. But I do think it is now. Of course if one believes-knows that the church is on the earth during the tribulation then the rapture cannot be imminent. You'll inevitably debate certain "imminent" texts based on this presupposition. 

The rapture can only be imminent if one isn't aware that an event has to occur prior. Furthermore, it doesn't follow that the rapture is the next "prophetic" event (e.g., Gog-Magog etc) just because one holds to imminence. Pretribulationists also bring their presuppositions to various "imminent" passages.

I found Smith's article (linked below) interesting. One objection I have is with this statement:
....while pretribulationists regard the entire tribulation as divine wrath, I think that is an assumption rather than a biblically or theologically demonstrable fact.
I'm aware that some have come up with allegedly irrefutable arguments against God's wrath being present prior to the 6th seal. I don't buy into them. In my opinion pretribulationists like Renald Showers have made biblically compelling arguments for their view.

Either way you can read Smith's article HERE

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