Friday, October 20, 2017

Which Rapture View is Satanic?

Is the prewrath view satanic? What about pretribulationism? Is any rapture view satanic? Sadly, the rapture timing kerfuffles will continue until Christ's return.

One of Jan Markell's recent videos sparked another minor storm, and some hand-wringing. She's been accused of labeling prewrath as satanic. Did she? The PW community thinks so. This is nothing new really. I gave my two cents worth and did some ax grinding again HERE

Update: I'd prefer to walk away from this mess. However, I also want to press my point about leadership and division. Hopefully this will be the final update.

The fallout from the video mentioned above attracted a commentary by a critic who took issue with JD Farag's association of the Blessed Hope to the pretrib rapture. He acknowledges that JD is an avid brother who supports Israel. He then tells his audience that it isn't that JD is "unlearned" but that he's "ignorant." Sigh! What follows is a short lecture on "exegesis."

One can have a strong difference with a brother without making it personal. I listen to JD's updates and occasionally disagree with him. Yet I've never known him to self-promote at the expense of those he disagrees with. Unfortunately, the critic is a leader of the PW community. Some people see him as a mentor and follow his example. He's become infamous for rants against the likes of James White, John MacArthur-Phil Johnson (contra Strange Fire conference), and several others. I wish leaders of this system would learn to be both critical and charitable. Sadly, they don't seem to get it.

For the record, I don't believe that pretribulationism corners the market on the Blessed Hope. I had a BH when I was posttrib. I will retain it if I ever go back to that view. By all means apply your exegesis, but do it humbly. As it stands, while the critic made good points, his behavior told me more about himself than JD's alleged ignorance.

Paul Henebury critiques the pretrib view of the Blessed Hope HERE

Update Two

I debated whether to do this again. And here I am. In the first update I mentioned a critic who called JD Farag ignorant. A link to the critic's video was posted in the comments section of Jan Markell's "offensive" YouTube video. It was subsequently replaced by a different and longer video by the same person.

Markell was originally taken to task for supposedly calling prewrath satanic. No one did that. In fact in my Zeteo 3:16 article I noted the irony that Rosenthal had associated pretribulationism with satanic delusion. 

The rub is that this new video assumes Markell was speaking about these attacks. At least he got that part right. He says the satanic premise is erroneous because it assumes pretrib is biblical. He's correct. He then talks about the differences pretrib scholars have as if that's a case against the system. And he disparages the likes of John MacArthur. Well it might be news to some but most systems have differing views, including prewrath. So what? And why bring up MacArthur again?

I haven't spoken with Jan but I'm pretty sure her satanic comment referred to the spirit of the attacks. I've been an admin for several groups. One of these was Christ in Prophecy. From personal experience, I've seen examples of this mean-spirited arrogant language. Jack Kinsella of the Omega Letter was constantly accused of being a false prophet because of his pretrib view. In fact I saw this bizarre behavior years ago when I was a pretrib skeptic.

These attacks aren't satanic. They're tiresome. They are perpetrated by obsessive compulsive folk who need to correct others and convert them to their preferred rapture view. In some ways they behave like cultists. My critic friend used the word "arrogant." It was aimed at the people he was lecturing to. He may want to take a look in his own back yard and get a clue.

It's nice that one individual finally bothered to check with the source HERE, although even then he didn't bother editing the title of one of his articles. Those who accused Jan Markell might consider a retraction of some kind.

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