Saturday, August 26, 2017

Justin Peters addresses interfaith dialog

I thought this video was important enough to share. Justin Peters has been unfairly drawn into the recent James White - Brannon Howse controversy. Regarding this unfortunate fiasco: I don't think things are as black and white as some people present them (no pun intended). There have been some worthy points on both sides.

I've disagreed with Dr White in the past re statements he's made about Islam, and I've mentioned Nabeel Qureshi in a previous post. But I thought the Janet Mefferd interview was woefully done. She threw too many questions at Dr White and didn't give him time to respond. It isn't White's style to be brief. Mefferd should have known this and allowed for it.

Many of us have been praying the whole thing goes away as it isn't edifying to the church. Some of the back and forth tweets and name calling have been shameful. Sadly, some "mature" Christians have indulged in gossip and character assassination, and Peters has been a victim.

Here is Justin Peters' response to various accusations:

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