Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Rapture: it’s no secret

Another one from Cripplegate sure to attract interesting comments...click here


Note also the more recent article 3 reasons Revelation 12:5 describes the pre-triublational rapture. This is Michael Svigel's view. I first came across it several years ago when I was researching. I found it unconvincing, and even contra-dispensational hermeneutics. It has had prominence of late because of some speculation about celestial events in September this year. Could this be the rapture? Pass the popcorn around.

Most pretribbers I know don't buy into this. Unfortunately some have. So you can bet your bottom dollar it will be used to criticize the system. Rev 12 is about Israel, not the rapture. Why read something into a passage which isn't there? See Tony Garland's Commentary on Revelation.

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