Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Spurgeon - Wounded Christians

Thanks to many friends who shared this via Facebook:
Carl F. H. Henry was right to call Charles Spurgeon “one of evangelical Christianity’s immortals” (Carl. F. H. Henry in the foreword to Lewis Drummond, Spurgeon: Prince of Preachers).
In his twenties, Spurgeon pastored the largest mega-church in Protestant Christendom. London’s most cavernous buildings could hardly accommodate his crowds – and one of them even collapsed. American tourists returning from England were greeted with two questions: “Did you see the Queen?’ and ‘Did you hear Spurgeon?’” (A. P. Peabody, “Spurgeon,” North American Review 86 [1858], 275). Truly, the memory of his ministry has become immortal.
But Spurgeon himself was very much mortal. The preacher was anything but bulletproof. In fact, for most of his life Spurgeon nursed deep wounds and struggled to cope with a myriad of emotional and physical maladies...keep reading


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this article. People like to make monuments out of people instead of seeing the Lord's movement of using frail but faithful vessels

Alf Cengia said...

It's comforting to know that he wasn't perfect and struggled with what life sent him. The more I read of other Puritans the more I see how they had the same challenges we face - minus social media.

The pain that Spurgeon went through gives great depth to his devotionals. I look forward to shaking his hand one day and thanking him.