Saturday, July 2, 2016

Church and Tribulation

I recently wrote a piece at Zeteo3:16 very briefly discussing the theme of the church in the tribulation. Do the 144,000 in Revelation 7 have an evangelical role? Many non-pretribulationists argue against it, whereas some past posttribulationists thought they did.

Does Rev 3:10 speak to rapture timing? Non-pretribbers have approached this verse in different ways in order to refute pretribulationism. In recent years a pamphlet was produced stating that pretrib was dead because it could no longer be supported by Rev 3:10. The irony was that the author concluded that Rev 3:10 was, indeed, a rapture passage. He then claimed it supported his particular rapture timing view. Does it?

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Many people are 100 % convinced that their view is correct. I wouldn't go so far with my own conclusions. But I do think pretribulationism is more than plausible.

Some time ago a friend passed me a link to website hosted by a woman who transitioned away from her Lutheran tradition. I like these thoughts:
You don't have to be pretribulational to be premillennial. There are plenty of good, premillennial Christians that believe that there IS only one more coming of Christ. They believe that the church goes through the Tribulation (which they take to be a literal event), and they believe there are verses in the Bible to back up what they hold to be true. I recommend that you make your own study and come to your own conclusions. While I have always held premillennial beliefs, I have gone from post-trib to pre-wrath to pre-trib in my study.
There seems to be a belief that pretribulation exists mainly because of past Darby-Scofield dogma preached in many American churches (of course this has changed). The assumption then follows that a close study of the Bible inevitably remedies the situation. In some instances I've come across people who have rejected pretribulationism because of a book allegedly refuting the view.

This isn't always the case. Like the woman above, I reconsidered my position from posttrib to pretrib through my own study. And I know others who have also done so.

Her website (Questioning Amillennialism) can be found HERE

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