Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God

Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?

This question has been asked a lot lately because of the suspension of Wheaton College Professor Larycia Hawkins who wore a hijab in support of her Muslim neighbors. She declared that:

I stand in religious solidarity with Muslims because they, like me, a Christian, are people of the book. And as Pope Francis stated last week, we worship the same God.

In the last book of C. S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia, an ape (Shift) dresses up a donkey (Puzzle) in an old lion’s skin. He then passes Puzzle off as Aslan, the Great Lion of Narnia (a Christ figure). Shift concocts a clever and sinister scheme to change Narnia and get what he wants using the naive Puzzle.

Further into the story, Shift strikes a bargain with a ruthless leader from Calormen, a country south of Narnia. For the sake of their mutual benefit the god of the Calormenes (Tash) is now said to be same as Aslan. Tash and Aslan become the one Tashlan...keep reading

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