Monday, January 19, 2015

A new form of Christianity

I saw this on a Facebook page (Glenn Christopherson)....

A new form of Christianity is rapidly taking shape in our world.

It's a "Christianity" which speaks long and loud about social justice and veers from mentioning God's justice.

It has turned it's back on the clear waters of God's Holy words to drink at the muddied wells of human philosophies, pseudo science and religious counterfeits.

It is proud of it's boasted achievements and seemingly ignorant of God's marvellous, perfect and eternal accomplishments.

This new form of "Christianity" is virulent and contagious infecting multitudes with it's new forms of worship. Worship that is rejected by the Living God.

It is strong on the supposed value of "faith traditions", but weak on the absolute need for faith in Christ.

It promotes the brotherhood of man, and neglects the sinfulness of man.

It falsely promises temporal pleasures while studiously ignoring the sure and certain promise of eternal bliss...for Christ's blood purchased brethren.

This false Church is impressed with the pomp of men and their religious systems and sneers at the simplicity of the ancient and true gospel.

It whimpers regularly in bored oratory about the love of God but never in awed reverence lifts up the majestic holiness of our Sovereign and Creator.

This new form of Christianity doesn't disturb men, it lulls them into a deadly sleep.

It doesn't convict men of eternal danger, it convinces them to carry on untroubled.

It doesn't open up eternal vistas it simply refocusses men's myopic gaze on the temporal.

This new form of Christianity has a new "Christ". An invented Christ; who is weak and ruled by tolerance rather than holiness. A messiah who accepts and even rejoices in our sin. An unnecessary Saviour dying on an unnecessary cross.

This new form of Christianity, insidiously spreading as yeast through the church world, doesn't worry the fact it is his creation...


JaredMithrandir said...

"It's a "Christianity" which speaks long and loud about social justice and veers from mentioning God's justice."

I view God's Justice and Social Justice as the same.

amc said...

I don't. They're not the same thing.

JaredMithrandir said...

The problem is God does not want Moral Law being enforced by Human Governments,s not under the New Testament.

I talk in detail in about related issues on my Blog.
I'm a FUdnamentalist and a Libertarian.

amc said...

I'm with Al Mohler:

JaredMithrandir said...

I really hate when Youtube videos disable their comments. And that Christian do sometimes more often then others is really annoying.

JaredMithrandir said...

I responded to that video here.

amc said...

Look, Jared, you responded to Mohler because you disagree. Fine. That's what your blog is for.

I've seen your website before and read the response. In my view it misses Mohler's point. My advice is to listen again to what Mohler said

Other than that, I'm not going to debate it here now. Perhaps in the future.