Friday, July 11, 2014

The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict has come out with a lengthy article that, on the surface, appears to neutrally examine the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. However, using words like "occupation" subtly sways the sentiment. Then there are examples like this leading statement:

The horrific murder of three Jewish teenagers late last month — two of whom belonged to more extreme sects — was met with an immediate and violent retaliation.

Is the writer suggesting that the alleged extremism of two of the teens somehow reduces the culpability of the murderers? Or does the writer want to share out the blame? It is important to be aware that attempted kidnappings of Israelis by Palestinian extremists are regularly foiled by Israel. The alleged "sect" association of these teens wasn't a factor and certainly not an excuse. Moreover, Israel's retaliation wasn't immediate unless the article is referring to the tragic example of the Palestinian teen who was murdered soon afterwards. Yet the very next line refers to Israeli planes and helicopters bombarding Gaza and the West Bank.

A noteworthy observation is that the Simon Wiesenthal Center (among others) quickly condemned the murder of the Palestinian teen. In contrast, the mother of one of the alleged murderers of the Israeli teens said she was proud to be the mother of a martyr. Her definition of a martyr is one who gives one's life to kill Jews. While the deaths of the Israeli teens didn't cause any riots, the Palestinian teen's death was quickly attended with massive riots and more rocket fire into Israel by Hamas and Fatah. That's why Israel retaliated.

Another important contrast that must be noted is that Hamas (as Hezbollah has done in the past) sets up its rocket launchers in civilian areas. This is done to maximize civilian carnage in the event of an Israeli response. In his book Dreams and Visions, Tom Doyle tells the story of Ali, a disillusioned Palestinian Freedom Fighter aspirant. During the 2009 Gaza incursion by Israel he learned that Israel had gone out of its way to warn civilians to get out of the area. Israel's target was Hamas. But Hamas operatives prevented these people from leaving by threatening to shoot them.

Finally, apart from dismissing biblical authority, the writer of the above article has missed the central point of the conflict. One side refuses to recognize the other and wants to destroy it.

It's that simple.

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