Monday, April 28, 2014

Dr. Pentecost gone to be with the Lord

I'm sure Dr. Andy woods won't mind my putting this here:

I am simultaneously saddened and overjoyed to report that long-time Dallas Theological Seminary professor J. Dwight Pentecost passed into the presence of the Lord this afternoon at 4:00PM while at Forum Rehab in Dallas. His condition began to deteriorate last night and early this morning. He had just turned 99. He was/is a beautiful Christian, scholar, and teacher. He made an indelible and eternal impact upon my life, theology, worldview, approach to the Bible, ministry philosophy, and career trajectory like no other pastor, scholar, or theologian. One of the great privileges of my life graciously given to me by God was to study under him. He simply cannot be replaced. ~ Dr. Andy Woods

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