Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's not about the movie!

Predictably, the spate of violence and tragic deaths after the attacks on American embassies in the Middle East has been blamed on an anti-Islam video. My friend Rev. Sizer has a post up on it already and I watched several Washington officials force that same angle out. I saw the expression on Jay Carney's face as he dutifully delivered his lines - he'd make a lousy poker player.

I wonder how long it will take before Israel incurs some of the liability.

But no, it's not about the movie; it's all about the rioters and their Islamist beliefs. There are several anti-Islamic videos on YouTube and elsewhere - they've been there for years. Why perpetrate this violence now? These attacks were obviously orchestrated to coincide with the anniversary of 9/11. The enablers may well sense that the current U.S. administration is kowtowing to the Muslim Brotherhood. The MB has never made its intentions for Shari'a Law and a regional caliphate a secret. Why invite them to the White House and pretend that they're proponents of Democracy? Well, I guess that's politics for you. Everyone knows the "real" truth -they just can't admit it.

What's sadly missing from this narrative is a united Muslim leadership condemning the violence. But apparently al-Qaeda flags flying over U.S. embassies and American deaths aren't enough to warrant a protest.

Fred DeRuvo has posted Newt Gingrich's thoughts HERE. It's a worthwhile read.

Jamie Glazov's 3-part interview with three former Muslim women "How Islam Ruined My Life" is revealing. As an aside - if you do watch them - note the books on the shelf in the background. Glazov is a Christian and some of the books are from the dreaded "Left Behind" fiction series! Hopefully that won't offend the sensibilities of any non-pretrib viewers ;-)

What we Christians need to do is pray for peace in the Middle East. We need to pray for Muslims trapped in Islam, for the Jews, the Christians in the area and for the Christian missionaries reaching out with the Gospel.


jib said...


Definitely not about the movie and even the Libyan government says it was premeditated. I mean how many spontaneous protestors even in the mid east go out and about with and RPG on their person "just in case I want to riot"

mac said...

Good to see you, Jib. Thanks for dropping by.