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The Seventy Weeks of Daniel

An excellent resource for studying Daniel’s Seventy Weeks is Fred DeRuvo’s Between Weeks. Here’s Fred’s intro:

Four verses in the ninth chapter of Daniel are arguably some of the most important verses found anywhere in Scripture, related to prophecy. If we are to understand what God has given us in these four verses, then we had better do all that we can to ensure we have a correct interpretation.

The 70 weeks of Daniel, highlighted in Daniel 9:24-27 are there for our benefit. God did not need to tell us anything, but He chose to do so in order that we would be blessed by the information He has graciously provided to Daniel through the angel Gabriel.

The most important question becomes then, what is Gabriel actually relating to Daniel in these four verses? Is the information found there for us today, as yet unfulfilled, or is it all in the past, in which case it would merely be testimony of how God has worked in our past?

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Some other resources for understanding the premillennial view of Daniel's 70 weeks:

"Let the postmillennial and amillennial commentators look long and steadily at this fact. This prophecy is a prophecy for Daniel’s people and Daniel’s city. No alchemy of Origenistic spiritualizing interpretation can change that."

Robert Culver "Daniel and the Latter Days"

"It has been well observed by various writers that if the seventy weeks are to end with the death of Christ and the incoming destruction of Jerusalem, it is simply impossible—with all ingenuity expended in this direction by eminent men—to make out an accurate fulfillment of prophecy from the dates given, for the time usually adduced being either too long to fit with the crucifixion of Christ or too short to extend to the destruction of Jerusalem."

George N. H. Peters "The Theocratic Kingdom"

One of the most important prophecy passages in the whole Bible is that of God’s prophecy given to Daniel in Daniel 9:24-27. This passage constitutes one of the most amazing prophecies in all the Bible. If worked out logically, this text is both seminal and determinativein the outworking of one’s understanding of Bible prophecy. Especially for those of us who believe that prophecy should be understood literally, it is essential that a right understanding of this central text be developed and cultivated. Thus, with this article, I am beginning a series that examines Daniel’s prophecy for the purpose of providing a consistently literal interpretation of the passage...The Seventy Weeks of Daniel by Thomas Ice

Several times throughout the Bible we see God declaring that He and only He is in control of all things. That he sets up kings and takes down kings, and that everything happens in accordance with his purposes. (Daniel 2:21, Isaiah 46:9-11)...The Mystery of Daniel's 70 Weeks

One of the hotly debated issues of Biblical eschatology is the correct interpretation and understanding of Daniel's prophecies contained in Daniel 9:24-27. The understanding of these passages is critical in understanding God's plan. There are varying schools of thought on how Daniel's 70 weeks should be interpreted, but, if you refer back to Scripture and you take the Word for what it says, the correct interpretation becomes self-evident...Daniel's 70 Weeks

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